What's Next?

Thursday, April 9, 20154:01 PM

Thanks to anyone who read and especially anyone who followed, commented, or retweeted. Also thanks to my #PLN, who helped me learn new tricks for Blogger to make the site more appealing and effective. You are all awesome. I was truly surprised and humbled by how great it was to feel like I already had an audience. Thank you.

And now, today's take away...

I've been trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone with tech, trainings, and learning lately. There is SOO much out there, and while I can't master it all, I think it's important to keep current, fresh, and relevant. With that in mind, I've tried new things. At #Edcamps and #GAFESummits, I've attended presentations on math and science, things I have no direct interest in or need for, but that will make me a more well rounded trainer/tech enthusiast/learner.

Following this trend, yesterday I attended a local training for a platform-specific set of programs and apps. The brand/type/name doesn't matter. The training was solid--well organized, interesting, and offered opportunities for learning, reflection, and application. All on that device and platform.

And that's when my big take away hit me. I Tweeted:

I'm a #GAFE guy. I live, breathe, and dream Google Apps for Education in my classroom, professional work, and personal life. For most everything I do, it's simply the most effective and accessible platform. Still, I'm not opposed to branching out. I'm happy to try something new or engage with a new device, program, product, etc., provided that there is a meaningful purpose. Yet I always come back to this: Anything you can do, GAFE can do better...(anyone else have the song stuck in their head now? Someone should make a Googly version!)

Now, let me get off of my soapbox and back to my point. There are some great #edtech products out there but I truly believe the future of education, learning, and any document management, will be--and must be--accessible anywhere and anywhere. We all need to be connected learners and educators. We need to be able to create content anytime, anyplace, on anything, and share it anywhere. Because...why not? Why limit ourselves and our students' potential? Anything else just seems silly to me.

I want my students to leave my class not with the essays crumpled in the bottom of their backpacks, or worse--my garbage can, but products and creations that they are proud of and can take with them beyond my classroom. Google or not Google isn't the question for me; it's what's next? And what makes the learning right now the most effective for tomorrow?

That's the questions I'll leave us with today. If you have ideas, feedback, answers, or are having something great for dinner, please comment below or reach out on Twitter.

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