Missing LHRIC Tech Expo #LHRICtli

Monday, April 20, 20159:51 AM

Well this one didn't go as planned. I wrote this post on Thursday and had it scheduled to publish on Friday morning since I would be away for the weekend. I've since learned that scheduled posts still need to be published. Oops. Anyway, I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy LHRIC's Tech Expo. I really enjoyed following the #LHRICtli hashtag and conversations, even from afar.

I try to take a selfie during most of my presentations. It's not original, but it's fun. To be honest, I stole the idea from last year's high school valedictorian. She didn't waste the once in a lifetime opportunity to take the selfie of her entire class, and I loved it.

But last year's LHRIC Tech Expo 2014 was sadly before this time so I don't have any selfies. Instead, I have two awkward pictures that someone else took.

Tech Expo was my first presentation ever. I'm sad to be missing it this year but will definitely be Twitter-stalking the #hashtag and can't wait to catch up with the learning and #PLN. I'm excited that a handful of my Ossining colleagues will be there.

Thanks to @NYTECHED for putting together a Doc for collaborative notes. I'm sure they'll be awesome.

Have fun and share what you like and learn!

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