The Schoencast Episode 01: Form Mule

Wednesday, October 14, 20156:54 PM

Welcome to post number 52 on the Schoenblog. If posts were weeks, it would almost be a year. Since last April, I’ve shared 52 posts and kept to my 2 per week schedule for the past few months religiously. Back when I started, my friends pushed me to write, and when Dani came up with the name Schoenblog, I took the leap.

Now, all these posts later, they’ve pushed me to take another jump forward.

If you read this blog, you know that I love forms and sheets and any way to automate feedback and communication to students and parents. I get excited about app-smashing and my mind is always racing with ideas and applications. I’m always sharing these ideas, along with my lessons and programmed forms, with my #PLN, specifically my #EdJusticeLeague Voxer group. We talk all day and ask questions, share best practices, and help each other continue to move forward with positivity and new ideas. As they reminded me, talk is great, but it’s so much better to see the learning in action.


The Schoencast: You Guide to EdTech Workflow

My goal is simple: to create short screencasts sharing how I use online tools to improve organization, communication, feedback, and automation to impact teaching and learning. Each episode will include a walk through or tips about an edtech tool and a classroom application. Then, after each video, I’ll follow up with more applications that I will explore in the months ahead.

This is my first attempt a screencast for a public audience and I would love your feedback and input. What worked? What didn’t? What can I do better? What topics would you like to see explored on the Schoencast?

The Schoencast Episode 1: Form Mule

Form Mule is a mail-merge tool, found in the Google Sheets add-ons. In this cast, I demonstrate how to use to automate a customized e-mail when a form is submitted. Below the video, find more ways to use Form Mule.

More Ways to Use Form Mule

  • Send rubrics to students from Google Forms
  • Have students provide peer feedback and e-mail to students
  • Thank students for submitting work or information
  • Combine with #IFTTT to automate Tweets
  • E-mail students the next activity or assignment
  • Provide targeted feedback based on a quiz in Google Forms
  • Send individualized e-mails to parents
  • Automatically send e-mail updates to administrators about student performance

Have a comment about the first ever Schoencast? An idea for a future episode? Want to learn more about an application listed above? Comment away or find me on Twitter @MrSchoenbart.

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