Crowdsourcing #Edcamp Advice: Building a Better #edcampMVille

Tuesday, July 21, 201512:26 PM

Last school year, I came across the quote above and shared it with my students often. "All of us are smarter than one of us." I can't find a clear author, and I've seen a few variations, but it's been a driving concept in my classroom. Before you ask the teacher, ask each other. We learn better together than we do alone. It's probably been useful every day since, and I plan to have it at the top of my syllabus next year.

One of the best parts of being a connected educator is being able to take that advice. Whenever I have a question, a problem, or need help, I know I can turn to my #PLN on Twitter for guidance. It's been great practice for me and a strong model to bring back to my classroom to show my colleagues and students the power of being connected. In May, I asked for #edtech advice to help give ideas to new teachers in a training, and I compiled those Tweets in a blog post: Crowdsourcing #EdTech Advice For New Teachers.

Yesterday, I took the same idea to crowdsource advice for hosting a successful edcamp. I've written about #edcampMVille before, but as we're six weeks away or so, I want to make sure we're ready to move forward.  Find more information about #edcampMVille at if you're interested. The event is on 8/29 in Purchase, NY. The organizing team is great and I love our plans, but I thought it could help to consult the experts. I reached out to some organizers of past edcamps, like EdCampNJ, EdCampHV, EdCampLDR, and EdCampPhilly, along with my Twitter #PLN, and their advice is below.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. I was impressed with the responses I got in one day and would love to add more, so please comment or Tweet at me!

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