1st Time #20Time: Sharing Student Products

Thursday, July 9, 20153:35 PM

This is part 4 in a series of posts about my first time trying #20Time Projects with my English 10 Students. In this post, I'll be sharing students' work and discussing their successes and challenges. Find the previous posts here: Part 1: My Intro to 20 Time ProjectsPart 2: Managing Student Workflow, and Part 3: What I'll Do Better Next Time.

It's now been a few weeks since school ended and I have new perspective on my students' work. Going back to review some of it, I'm still wildly proud of what they accomplished. One of my biggest successes was how many students explained their challenges. One student said, "I didn't accomplish my goal because it was too big and wasn't realistic in the end," and continued to share what she did learn and accomplish. For me, that's a huge victory. The students learned, reflected, and grew.

I required students to present part of their projects and products to the class, calling it a project snapshot. The reason for this is simple: we ran out of time. Next year, I want to plan more carefully so students can plan and deliver TED Talks about their work. I want more public learning, consistent blogging, and collaboration with the world. I want to do better to help my students do better.

Until then, though, here are some highlights from my students' work. At the link below, find a sheet with students' research questions, topics, blogs, proposals, annotated bibliographies, and projects. I wanted to document all of their work in an organized way so that I have models and resources to share and to use in class next year.

Mr. Schoenbarts English 10 #20Time 2015: Student Work

Elliot, Greg, and Yoo Shin researched how motivation affects the academic success of students. They conducted original research and surveyed hundreds of Ossining students using a Google Form. They also submitted their work to the Genius Hour Fair. They are #17 in the 13-16 category. Vote for their work here!

Nick's Guide to New Earth City 2187 investigates the possibility of our future living on Mars. He wanted to know if colonies on Mars are possible.

Calvin and Alex researched obesity and fast food. Find their presentation here. Here's a screenshot of their work.

Somari created a website on Weebly to help people learn more about how to succeed in an acting career. Her website is awesome. Check it out at http://centerstg.weebly.com.

Reid looked at the future of our town, Ossining, and the role of Sing Sing Prison. His extensive research and plans can be found here.

#20Time excited me and made me so passionate about my students' work. I know many of them felt the same, which is exciting for a teacher. Next time, I'll share some of their feedback for both teachers and students from the final part of our work, the reflections.

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