Fund Change in Your Classroom with #Pledge2Win

Friday, January 22, 201611:23 AM

Today’s post is a little different. I usually try to write about practical, hands on tools and strategies for teachers--things you can use tomorrow.

And while different, I think this is still one of them.

PledgeCents reached out to ask me to take a look at their #Pledge2Win contest, and I was happy to do so. I first connected with PledgeCents when they sponsored #EdcampMville last summer. I love any ideas that empower teachers and allow them to increase their impact, and PledgeCents does this beautifully. Teachers are so often restricted by budgets and resources so an opportunity to easily and safely raise money to support important educational causes is a valuable thing. 

PledgeCents is a website for educational fundraising for K-12 schools. You create a campaign to support a specific educational cause, promote it, and raise the money. Whether or not it succeeds fully, the money goes to the cause. If you are unfamiliar with PledgeCents, check out their promo video below. The narrator's voice is so adorable it's worth it for that alone. You can also explore some of their current campaigns here.

The #Pledge2Win contest is basically a campaign to encourage educators to use PledgeCents to raise money for their causes, and then rewards them for doing so. With #Pledge2Win, PledgeCents will match the first $75 raised for a cause so you’re starting with $150 pretty quickly. You can also earn points as your fundraising increases and for promoting it on social media.

The competition runs from January 11 - February 28. Let’s reach go beyond our budgets and politics--I encourage you to start a PledgeCents campaign to make a difference in your classroom or school that you couldn’t have before.

We’ve all had those ideas--big and small--of what we would change if we had the support and funds. I’ve been thinking a lot about classroom spaces and the need to have students move around and write and create everywhere. White board walls are an easy start. Rolling desks, a bit more ambitious. Now is the time to take those dreams and give them a go--let’s make that change for our classrooms and our students.

What’s your dream campaign? What change do you want to make in your classroom? Get started with #Pledge2Win and share in the comments or on Twitter.

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