The 12 Days of Fringe: Supporting @OssiningHSDrama & Performing Arts!

Wednesday, December 2, 20153:50 PM

You’re in for something new today, faithful reader, as I’m writing about an entirely different side of my passion for education: the cultural arts. For most of my career in Ossining, I worked as the Assistant Director of the school’s theatre program, helping produce 2-3 shows each year. The program’s director, Jessica, and I started at the school and then with the productions together, building it into an award-winning program and supporting many different performing arts electives, grant programs, and more. 

And it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever been a part of. I often write about the power technology has to transform learning, but I’ve never seen anything as powerful as the collaborative efforts of the students in our program, whose individual talents and personalities come together year after year to build something unforgettable. In my time with the program, we put on five high school musicals, six plays, middle school performances, outreach programs, and so much more. I saw students who struggled in academic classes soar on stage and grow into talented, passionate, and exceptional young men and women regularly. If we want to education the whole child, make change, and help build independent and passionate learners, we need to value the cultural arts.

I left the program last year, instead committing my time to my doctoral work. It was bittersweet because theatre really defined my career and identity in Ossining for so long, but I’m so incredibly proud of our work and the work that is going on right now with the program and students.

And that’s why I’m asking for your help.

Ossining Drama was selected from over 3,000 schools to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the American High School Theatre Festival in August 2016. This once in a lifetime opportunity doesn’t come cheap, sadly. To help fundraise for this trip, the students have put together an online auction, raffling dozens of great prizes, and are also accepting tax deductible donations.

Welcome to the 12 Days of Fringe!

Each day, the drama club is releasing a new promotional video, asking for support over the next 12 days. I know most of my readers aren’t in the NY area, but some of the prizes include trips and services that can be used all over. They are also accepting tax-deductible donations. Some of the auction items include dinner at nice NYC City restaurants, NHL tickets, and so much more.

At the least, watch their videos and give them a like, share, or retweet on YouTube or Twitter. But if you’re passionate about education, the cultural arts, or just in a holiday spirit, consider supporting these kids. I may no longer work with the program but I want to do everything I can to support their hard work and talents. I hope you will, too.

Support the 12 Days of Frings

  1. Make a Tax Deductible Donation:
  2. Bid/ Purchase Items in the 12 Days of Fringe Auction
(The auction opened on Cyber Monday and will remain open until Friday, December 11th at 11PM)

For more information please check out

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