TECH & LEARNING MAGAZINE: Maximize Learning Opportunities with Chromebook Management

Tuesday, November 3, 20158:25 PM

This month, I will hit a milestone in my brief writing career: my first print article. Maximize Learning Opportunities with Chromebook Management will appear in Tech & Learning Magazine’s November issue. The link works for the online version, but it’s exciting to know that I’ll get that print byline, too. They have been featuring posts from the Schoenblog as an Advisor Blog online, too, and I love having another outlet to connect with.

Find the article online at Maximize Learning Opportunities with Chromebook Management. 

I also has the pleasure of speaking at their Tech & Learning Live event last Friday. It was so nice to attend a conference so close to home--right in Tarrytown, NY--and to see friends, learn, and connect all day long. I spoke on a panel called We Have Devices--Now What?, sharing ideas and practices for how we implement technology to change teaching and learning. I also attended a panel about PD models for technology, talked with a lot of vendors, and had a lot of fun networking with new and old friends. I loved how the conference provided a lot of time for participants to socialize and talk (and had good food, of course!).

I immediately put my conversations and connecting to use, and had a breakthrough on a new project. Expect to see the hashtag #TheEduCal trending soon. Luckily, my friends were there to document my Eureka! moment.

It was a great day of learning, and I’m proud to be contributing to Tech & Learning. I hope you enjoy the article and would love to hear your feedback in the comments or @MrSchoenbart.

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