Make Feedback Better & Easier with Google Forms & Sheets Add-ons

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NYC #GIESummit


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Today’s Goals:

  • To introduce Google Forms and Sheets add-ons through models and use cases
  • To problem solve, collaborate, and inspire ways to change our feedback, communication, and practice
  • To practice and create something

Session Description

In this session, participants will learn about and practice using a variety of Google Forms and Sheets add-ons to help make feedback easier, better, and more efficient. Come prepared with a basic knowledge of Google Forms and get ready to become a Forms and automation expert. This session will provide an overview of add-ons including but limited to Flubaroo, Form Mule, Autocrat, Choice Eliminator, and Doctopus. The featured add-ons will be decided to meet participants’ needs with a focus on hands-on practice and application.